Best of Both worlds: Azure App Service and Kubernetes

Consuming a private API built with Kubernetes from Azure App Service

Radu Matei

8 minute read

In this article we will explore how to integrate Azure App Service and Kubernetes within the same Azure Virtual Network and consume Kubernetes services from an Azure App Service app without exposing them on the public Internet. There will be lots of situations when we want to use both the simplicity and features of a PaaS service (such as autoscaling, easy SSL, or any other cool feature) for a component and the flexibility of Kubernetes for others - in this article we will see how to achieve this without exposing services on the Internet.

Jenkins pipelines with Kubernetes

Deploy Jenkins using Helm, create Jenkins pipelines and execute builds in Kubernetes pods

Radu Matei

7 minute read

The goal of this article is to show you how to deploy Jenkins to your Kuberentes cluster using Helm and write Jenkins pipelines that execute builds within pods in your cluster - all of this while replicating your Jenkins configuration and persisting everything with Kubernetes persistent storage.

Get started with Helm and Draft for Kubernetes

Easy Kubernetes with Helm and Draft

Radu Matei

10 minute read

This post shows you how to automatize and simplify working with multiple Kubernetes clusters and multiple tools such as kubectl, helm or draft - creating a container image with your desired version of the tools and mounting the config files to the container