Real-Time ASP .NET Core

websocket-manager library for real-time ASP .NET Core

Radu Matei

12 minute read

What is this? This is an ASP .NET Core middleware for providing real-time functionality to your applications. To its core, this is a WebSockets middleware for ASP .NET Core applications with TypeScript / JavaScript and .NET clients. This is an open-source library available (for using and contributing) on GitHub. Why wouldn’t I use SignalR for real-time? Well, the reason is quite simple: SignalR for ASP .NET Core is still in its very incipient stages.

Radu Matei

17 minute read

UPDATE - February 2017 This article describes the latest development of websocket-manager and how to use it in your application. While the general aspects provided in this article about creating a websockets middleware for Asp .Net Core are still valid, the specific information about the websocket-manager project have changed, since I updated a lot of parts. The version of the project described in this article can still be found in the blog-article branch on GitHub.