Here's how to contact me :)


Thanks for wanting to get in contact with me! I usually respond to all valid requests and questions and below you can find the ways to do it:

Email: [email protected]

This is the easiest way to get in contact with me - keep in mind, this is my personal email, so please don’t spam :)

However, if you have an issue, bug or request on an article or project, also consider commenting on the article or GitHub (see below).

GitHub: radu-matei

If you’re working with a project, or want to contribute to one, please consider raising an issue or pull-request on the respective repo on GitHub - this way, your contribution is already on the project and someone might start working on it.

Twitter: @Matei_Radu

Twitter is the social platform I use the most, so there you’ll probably find the things I’m working on and haven’t had a change to write a blog post about. Keep in mind that opinions are my own!