August 23, 2019. 8 minutes read

Building Reusable GitHub Actions in TypeScript, using the official toolkit

GitHub Actions now supports CI/CD - and while the workers for Actions come pre-configured with support for lots of programming languages and frameworks, you have the option to use an existing action to configure the environment, or build your own. In this article we will see how to build reusable actions using the Actions toolkit

May 11, 2019. 5 minutes read

Rendering Helm templates in the browser, with Web Assembly

I've been trying to find a weekend to play around with Web Assembly for at least a couple of months now - I had previously read the hello world examples for both Go and Rust, but never had the time to actually try things out. So I decided to take a piece of real world Go code, that is used today in Helm, and see if I can get it to execute in the browser - I chose to replicate a simpler version of helm template, where you input the template, values file, and metadata in the web page, and the rendered template gets printed out.

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