September 4, 2019. 6 minutes read.

The state of CNAB: Part 1 - CNAB Core

In this series, we explore the state of the Cloud Native Application Bundles (CNAB) specifications, and do a deep dive into the distribution of bundles, and security and attestation.

September 2, 2019. 13 minutes read.

Building self-contained, single executable .NET Core 3 CLI tools

This is the .NET Core’s first iteration at self-contained binaries. It is not ideal - the resulting size of ~40M is probably way too large for simple applications. But the fact that now we can actually create a global tool with .NET and distribute it without requiring users to install .NET is extremely exciting! Not to mention the ease of packaging applications in containers, and not having to copy tens of files.

August 23, 2019. 8 minutes read.

Building Reusable GitHub Actions in TypeScript, using the official toolkit

GitHub Actions now supports CI/CD - and while the workers for Actions come pre-configured with support for lots of programming languages and frameworks, you have the option to use an existing action to configure the environment, or build your own. In this article we will see how to build reusable actions using the Actions toolkit

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