December 16, 2021. 10 minutes read. PDF

Introduction to WebAssembly components

WebAssembly and WASI show great promise for the future of computing outside the browser, and the WebAssembly component model aims to improve the portability, cross-language, and composition story for Wasm. This article explains the goals of the component model, and showcases how to use tooling from the Bytecode Alliance to build and consume such components.

July 7, 2021. 13 minutes read. PDF

Neural network inferencing for PyTorch and TensorFlow with ONNX, WebAssembly System Interface, and WASI NN

WASI NN is a proposal that allows WebAssembly guest modules running outside the browser to perform neural network inferencing by using host-provided implementations that can leverage CPU multi-threading, host optimizations, or hardware devices such as GPUs or TPUs. This article explores the goals of WASI NN, existing implementations, and details a new experimental implementation targeting ONNX, the Open Neural Network Exchange , which allows the either usage of models built with PyTorch or TensorFlow from guest WebAssembly modules.

May 11, 2021. 10 minutes read. PDF

Using Azure services from WebAssembly modules

With WAGI, the WebAssembly Gateway Interface, it is easier than ever to build microservices using WebAssembly. In this article, we explore building Wasm modules that use Azure services and how to run them using WAGI.

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