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About Me

Hi, I’m Radu!

I am a software engineer passionate about WebAssembly, distributed systems, and artificial intelligence, working as the co-founder and CTO of Fermyon.

In the past I worked at Microsoft Azure in the DeisLabs research and development team, where I was a core maintainer for multiple server-side WebAssembly and distributed systems projects like Krustlet, Draft, Brigade, or the Cloud Native Application Bundle project (building the distribution and security specifications).

I am an avid learner, I love classical music (and am excited about learning to play the piano), and I enjoy a good bubble tea with a bicycle ride.

This is the place I will write about things I am working on — this includes (but not limited to) WebAssembly, Rust, or machine learning. Sometimes I also write about non-technical topics — you can find all of them under the #personal tag.

If you need to, you can find me on the Internet:

Obviously, the views and opinions presented here are my own and are not affiliated with any organization I am part of.