About Me

Hi, I'm Radu! :)

Who am I?

I’m an open source software engineer who sometimes speaks at conferences and organizes technical workshops. I’m passionate about open source software, containers and Kubernetes, serverless and the cloud, and I’m a friendly geek who works as a software engineer in the Microsoft Azure Cloud Native team, building Kubernetes and cloud native developer tools.

I absolutely love music (and occasionally play my guitar and piano), and enjoy a good bicycle ride.

I used to work as a technical evangelist and helped startups and software development companies architect, develop and scale their solutions using cloud native technologies.

What is this blog about?

This is the place I’ll write about stuff I’m working on - this includes (but is not limited to): containers, Kubernetes, Go, serverless. Obviously, the views and opinions presented here are my own and are not affiliated with any organization I am part of.

How can you contact me?

Here you can find the best way to get in touch with me.