May 6, 2019. 6 minutes read

Writing controllers for Kubernetes CRDs with C#

The goal of this article is to show you how to use the Kubernetes C# client to write extremely simple controllers for your Kubernetes custom resources, and start watching resources in a few lines of C#

April 1, 2019. 12 minutes read

Instant Scaling on Demand: Serverless Kubernetes with Brigade

This article originally appeared on the Microsoft open source blog . Microservices built on Kubernetes are fast becoming one of the core scenarios where computing is done, and Kubernetes development and operations skills are therefore becoming a larger part of any cloud-native toolset. This article shows how to use some of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and CNCF sandbox projects together to build a Kubernetes-native application that listens for events and then runs serverless pipelines on Virtual Kubelet instances, each of which are dynamically created (and recycled when the pipeline is done).

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August 20, 2018. 8 minutes read

Filter secrets from Kubernetes logs

Running any non-trivial application on Kubernetes will most likely require authorized access to other components - databases, storage buckets, APIs - all of which require a connection string or some sort of access key. Storing these values in Kubernetes is done through Secrets , and while there are plenty of ways to make sure the secrets are safe while at rest , as well as how to configure an external KMS provider , once the secret is injected into your application container, its value will be plain text.

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May 5, 2018. 9 minutes read

The state of debugging microservices on Kubernetes

For as long as we have been writing software, we have also introduced bugs in our applications. Back when we were developing monoliths, we could simply start the IDE of choice, add a couple of breakpoints, step through the code and hopefully solve the issue. There was a single place where the application was running, where logs were visible and where the application could be diagnosed.

April 29, 2018. 9 minutes read

Debug Helm and Tiller using VS Code and Draft

In today’s article we will explore how to take a real-world application and start developing, debugging and deploying it to a Kubernetes cluster and how to use a couple of open-source tools to make our lives easier in the process. Specifically, we will use Helm, the package manager for Kubernetes , the newly released Kubernetes extension for VS Code and Draft to develop, debug and deploy is Helm itself.

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April 10, 2018. 11 minutes read

Using Draft to develop front-end + back-end applications. Experimenting with Draft, VS Code and remote debugging.

Application containers have skyrocketed in popularity over the last few years. In recent months, Kubernetes has emerged as a popular solution for orchestrating these containers. While many turn to Kubernetes for its extensible architecture and vibrant open-source community, some still view Kubernetes as too difficult to use. Learn how to use Draft to simplify your cloud-native application development!

October 17, 2017. 8 minutes read

Best of Both worlds: Azure App Service and Kubernetes

In this article we will explore how to integrate Azure App Service and Kubernetes within the same Azure Virtual Network and consume Kubernetes services from an Azure App Service app without exposing them on the public Internet. There will be lots of situations when we want to use both the simplicity and features of a PaaS service (such as autoscaling, easy SSL, or any other cool feature) for a component and the flexibility of Kubernetes for others - in this article we will see how to achieve this without exposing services on the Internet.

October 8, 2017. 7 minutes read

Jenkins pipelines with Kubernetes

The goal of this article is to show you how to deploy Jenkins to your Kuberentes cluster using Helm and write Jenkins pipelines that execute builds within pods in your cluster - all of this while replicating your Jenkins configuration and persisting everything with Kubernetes persistent storage.

October 7, 2017. 10 minutes read

Get started with Helm and Draft for Kubernetes

This post shows you how to automatize and simplify working with multiple Kubernetes clusters and multiple tools such as kubectl, helm or draft - creating a container image with your desired version of the tools and mounting the config files to the container

October 6, 2017. 6 minutes read

Kubernetes 1.8 on Azure

In this post you’ll see how to deploy Kubernetes 1.8 and later on Azure using ACS Engine, an open-source tool that creates the entire configuration for your orchestration cluster and deploys it on Azure Container Service.

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